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Indian clothes sarees, salwar suits, kurta pajama for men, etc. Exclusive kids’ fashion clothes for children ranging from infant to 12 year. Men’s clothing suits, shirts, trousers, jackets, etc. Women’s casuals skirts, jeans, t-shirts, etc. Women’s formals Sportswear jerseys, swimsuits, football shorts, etc. Wedding wear sarees, lehengas, herwanis, etc.Nightwear or innerwear Costume clothing specialized for stage shows, dance costumes, character costumes, etc. Maternity specialized clothing Winter wear Apart from all these, clothes always go hand in hand with accessories such as watches, belts, bags, jewelry, etc. So, by keeping a fair supply of those, you can sell them along with your clothes. However, it is best to start small, gain popularity, and then add other complementary products.

An electronics business provides a variety of mechanical products and parts to consumers, including cell phones, televisions, computers, peripherals and access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week improved client service through greater flexibility, cost savings, faster delivery of products, increased professionalism, less paper waste, opportunities to manage your business from anywhere in the world. Customers may prefer to visit your website to find out about your products and services, instead of visiting you in person. They will also expect to see your website address and your email on business cards and other promotional materials. familiarise yourself with any laws and regulations that will apply to your online business activities

Cosmetic & Beauty Products. A cosmetic is generally defined as “Any substance or preparation for human use for the purpose of cleansing, beautifying or altering the appearance commonly to include personal toiletry products (such as shampoos & lotion), beauty products & fragrances.” Common cosmetics include lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, foundation, skin cleansers and body lotions, shampoo and conditioner, hairstyling products , perfume and cologne. Cosmetics applied to the face to enhance its appearance are often called make-up or makeup. Apply a retinol cream on top of the moisturizer. This will increase the amount of collagen in your skin, which will help reduce fine lines and plump up your skin to make pores look smaller. Smooth a small amount of cream all over your face.

Training List Details
Sl. No. Training Name Req. Qualification Duration
1 Agarbatti Manufacturing (अगरबत्ती उत्पादन) N/A 1 Month
13 Beauty Parlour (ब्यूटीपार्लर) 8th 1 Month
16 Bindi & Mehandi Manufacturing Unit (बिन्दी एव मेहंदी उत्पादन इकाई) N/A 1 Month
18 Candle Manufacturing (मोमबत्ती उत्पादन) 8th 1 Month
19 Cane Furniture Manufacturing (बेंत का फर्निचर निर्माण) N/A 1 Month
20 Carpentry & Wood Furniture Workshop (बढई गिरी एवं लकड़ी के फर्निचर) 10th 1 Month
21 Carpentry (बढ़ईगिरी) 12th 1 Month
22 Cattle Feed Manufacturing (पशु आहार उत्पादन) 12th 1 Month
23 Cement Jalli, Doors, windows etc. (सीमेन्ट का जाली, दरवाजा एवं खिड़की इत्यादि) 8th 1 Month
24 Computer Hardware Assembling Maintenance & Networking (कम्प्यूटर हार्डवेयर एसैम्बलिंग एवंनेटवर्किंग) Graduation 1 Month
25 Cooler Manufacturing (कूलर निर्माण) 12th 1 Month
26 Corn Flakes Manufacturing (कार्नफ्लेक्स उत्पादन) 12th 1 Month
27 Desktop Publishing & Screen Printing (डेस्कटॉप पब्लिसिंग एवं स्क्रीनप्रिन्टिग) 10th 1 Month
28 Detergent Powder, Soap & Shampoo (डिटर्जेन्ट पाउडर, साबुन एवं शैम्पु) 12th 1 Month
29 Disposable Diaper and Sanitary Napkin (डिस्पोजेबल डाइपर एवं सेनेटरी नैपकिंन) 12th 1 Month
30 Dry Cleaning (ड्राईक्लीनिंग) 8th 1 Month
31 Electrical Fan assembling (बिजली पंखा एसेम्बलिंग) 12th 1 Month
32 Establishment of Dhaba/Hotel/Restaurant/Food on Wheels (ढ़ाबा/होटल/रेस्टोरेन्ट/फुड ऑन व्हील्स) 12th 1 Month
33 Flex Printing (फ्लैक्स प्रिन्टिग) 12th 1 Month
34 Fly Ash Bricks (फ्लाई एष ब्रिक्स) N/A 1 Month
35 Fruit Juice (फलों के जूस की इकाई) 8th 15 Days
36 Gate grill Fabrication Unit/Welding Unit (गेटग्रिल निर्माण एवं वेल्डिंग इकाई) 8th 1 Month
37 Gold Manufacturing Workshop (आभूषण निर्माण वर्कशॉप) 12th 1 Month
38 Hand-Made Paper Making (हाथ से बना हुआ कागज) 8th 1 Month
39 Home Wiring & repair (घरेलू बिजली वायरिंग एवं रिपेयरिंग) 12th 1 Month
40 Honey Processing (मधु प्रसंस्करण) 8th 1 Month
41 Hospital Bed/Trolleys Manufacturing Unit (हॉस्पिटल बेड/ट्राली निर्माण की इकाई) 12th 1 Month
42 Ice Cream Manufacturing (आइसक्रीम उत्पादन) 8th 1 Month
43 IT Business Centre (आई0 टी0 बिजनेस केन्द्र) B.Sc 1 Month
44 Jam/Jelly/Sauce Manufacturing (जैम/जेली/सॉस उत्पादन) 12th 1 Month
45 Jute based (जूट आधारित क्राफ्ट) 8th 1 Month
46 Knitting Machines & Garments (कसीदाकारी) 8th 1 Month
47 Lac Bangles (लाह चूड़ी निर्माण) 12th 1 Month
48 Leaf Cup & Plates (पत्ता-प्लेट) 8th 1 Month
49 Leather Accessories like Bags, Wallets & Gloves etc. (चमड़े के बैग, वालेट एव ग्लोब्स आदि निर्माण) 12th 1 Month
50 Leather and Rexin Sheets Cover for Vehicles (चमडे़ एवं रेक्सीन का सीट कवर निर्माण) 12th 1 Month
51 Leather Garments (चमड़े के जैकेटस निर्माण) 12th 1 Month
52 Leather Shoes (चमड़े के जूता निर्माण) 12th 1 Month
53 LED Bulb/Decorative Bulb Manufacturing (एल0 ई0 डी0 बल्ब/सजावटी बल्ब निर्माण) 12th 1 Month
54 Light Commercial Vehicle Body Building (हल्के वाहन के बॉडी निर्माण) 12th 1 Month
55 Makhana Processing (मखाना प्रोसेसिंग) 8th 15 Days
56 Manufacturing of Hair Oil (केश तेल का उत्पादन) 12th 15 Days
57 Marble cutting and Polishing (मार्बल कटिंग एवं पोलिशिंग) 12th 1 Month
58 Medical Diagnostic Centre (पैथोलोजिकल जाँच घर) 12th 1 Month
59 Mobile Repairing & Mobile Charger Making (मोबाईल एवं चार्जर रिपेयरिंग) 12th 1 Month
60 Mosquito Net Manufacturing (मच्छरदानी निर्माण) 8th 1 Month
61 Mosquito Repellent Mat (मच्छर भगाने का टिकिया) 12th 1 Month
62 Motor Winding (बिजली मोटर बाइडिंग) 12th 1 Month
63 Namkeen Production (नमकीन उत्पादन) N/A 1 Month
64 Noodles Manufacturing (नूडल्स उत्पादन) N/A 1 Month
65 Note Book/Copy/File/Folder Manufacturing (नोटबुक/कॉपी/फाईल/फोल्डर उत्पादन) 8th 1 Month
66 Oil Mill (तेल मिल) 8th 15 Days
67 Packaged Drinking Water (बोतल बंद पानी) 12th 1 Month
68 Papad & Bari Manufacturing Unit (पापड़ एवं बड़ी उत्पादन) 8th 1 Month
69 Paver Block and Tiles (सीमेन्ट ब्लॉक एवं टाइल्स) 8th 1 Month
70 Pickles Manufacturing Unit (आचार, मुरब्बा उत्पादन) 8th 1 Month
71 Plaster of Paris Item (प्लास्टर ऑफ़ पेरिस का सामान) 8th 1 Month
72 Plastic Items/Boxes/Bottles (प्लास्टिक सामग्री/बॉक्स/बोटल्स) 8th 1 Month
73 Plumbing Work (पलम्बरिंग कार्य) 10th 1 Month
74 Poha/Chura Manufacturing Unit (पोहा/चुड़ा उत्पादन) N/A 15 Days
75 Popcorn Manufacturing Unit (पाँपकार्न उत्पादन) N/A 15 Days
76 Poultry Feed Manufacturing (मुर्गी दाना का उत्पादन) 10th 1 Month
77 Pre-Fabricated Building Material (पूर्व निर्मित भवन निर्माण सामग्री) 10th 1 Month
78 Pre-Stressed Cement Concrete Pole (सीमेन्ट कंक्रीट पोल) N/A 1 Month
79 Pulse Mill (दाल मिल) 10th 1 Month
80 PVC foot wear (पी0 भी0 सी0 जूता/चप्पल) 8th 1 Month
81 R.C.C. Spun Hume Pipe (कंक्रीट ह्यूम पाईप) 10th 1 Month
82 Readymade garments (रेडिमेड वस्त्र निर्माण) 12th 1 Month
83 Repair of Diesel Engines & Pump Sets (डीजल इंजन एवं पम्प रिपेयरिंग) 10th 1 Month
84 Reprocessing of Plastic Waste unit (प्लास्टिक वेस्टरी-प्रोसेसिंग) 10th 1 Month
85 Rolling Shutters (रौलिंग शटर) 10th 1 Month
86 Rubber Stamp (रबड़ का मोहर) 12th 15 Days
87 Security Guard Training (सुरक्षा कर्मी प्रशिक्षण)* 12th* 1 Month*
88 Seed Processing & Packaging (बीज प्रसंस्करण एवं पैकेजिंग) 12th 1 Month
89 Sewing-Cutting (सिलाई-कटाई) 8th 1 Month
90 Silver Jewellery making Unit (चाँदी जेवर निर्माण) 12th 1 Month
91 Spice Production (मसाला उत्पादन) 8th 1 Month
92 Sports Shoes (स्पोर्ट्स जूता) 10th 1 Month
93 Stabilizer/Inverter/UPS/CVT assembling (स्टेबिलाइजर/इनवर्टर/यू0पी0एस0/सी0वी0टी0 एसैम्बलिंग) 12th 1 Month
94 Steel Almirah Manufacturing (स्टील का अलमीरा निर्माण) 12th 1 Month
95 Steel Box/Trunk/Racks Manufacturing Unit (स्टील का बॉक्स/ट्रंक/रैक निर्माण) 10th 1 Month
96 Steel Furniture (स्टील का फर्नीचर) 10th 1 Month
97 Stone based (पत्थर की मूर्ति निर्माण) 10th 1 Month
98 Sweets Production (मिठाई उत्पादन) N/A 15 Days
99 Tent House/ Event Management (टेन्ट हाउस एवं इवेन्ट मैनेजमेन्ट) 12th 1 Month
100 Thermoformed Disposable Cups & Plate (थर्मो कप एवं प्लेट निर्माण) 10th 1 Month
101 Tourism Taxi (टूरिस्ट टैक्सी) 12th 15 Days
102 Two Wheeler Repairing Shop (टू-व्हीलर रिपेयरिंग) 10th 1 Month
103 Tyre Vulcanizing/Retread (टायर रिट्रेडिग) 8th 1 Month
104 Web Software Development & Web Designing Centre (वेब सॉफ्टवेयर डेवलपमेन्ट एवं डिजाईनिंग)* 12th* 1 Month*
105 Wood based Craft Industries (काष्ठ कला आधारित उद्योग) 10th 1 Month
106 Others (अन्य) - -

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Skill Training

Two Wheeler Repainig Training

A motorcycle, often called a bike, motorbike, or cycle, is a two- or three-wheeled motor vehicle. In developing countries, motorcycles are considered utilitarian due to lower prices and greater fuel economy. This business is very effective.

Agarbatti Making Training

Agarbatti making business can be initiated as small scale or large scale basis. Agarbatti is considered as household goods having a great market potential. The burning of agarbatti or incense in religious and social functions since early times.

Beekeeping Training

Beekeeping can be a fascinating hobby, a profitable sideline, or a full-time occupation. Beekeeping can be an income-producing venture by providing pollination services to orchards and farmers, or by harvesting and selling honey and other products.

Bakery Training

A bakery is an establishment that produces and sells flour-based food baked in an oven such as bread, cookies, cakes, pastries, and pies. Some retail bakeries are also cafés, serving coffee and tea goods on the premises.

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