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Sudish World Solutions Private Limited Company launched 29th August 2018. Its registerd office at Patna (Bihar). This company has provide multiple services like Security Guard Service, Manpower Supply, Agriculture harvesting & cultivation, Goods shell & purchase, Girls education training & improve to self-employment, Generate to employment to all villagers and other.
            Company founder is Mr. Sudish Singh & Mr. Avadhesh Kumar. Founder wants to finish the unemployment so established the company for work in multiple segment. Our strategy is to change the unemployment & Established to skill development. Our aim to growth with together reach to higher position employment, self-dependent to all like student and other.

This company has provide multiple services like import, and export of consumer goods, drugs, drug intermediates, medicines, pharmaceuticals, nutritional and health care products, cosmetics otherwise deal in tea, coffee, soft drinks, rice, pulses, confectionaries, metals, chemicals consumer durable and electrical appliances.The benefits of customer service improvement are customer loyalty, customer referrals.
           To provide consultancy &advisory services in DSA bank loan, credit card and bank franchisers and give consultancy of related activities and to carry on in India or elsewhere. Our other training facility is also available like Cow farming, Goat farming, poultry farm, Fisheries, Bee keeping etc & Agriculture farming & harvesting training, Eletronics & ITS training also done by us.

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